Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Friends - May I ask how many beds do you have huh??

For me? I have 2 homes and I have 6 beds all together! Let me count for you hor:

1) Nai Nai's place - I have a blue doggie bed and a pink doggie bed

2) Nai Nai's own single bed

3) Uncle Alex's own queen sized bed

4) My home - I have a lavender coloured doggie cushion

5) Mummy's own queen sized bed

See! All together I hv 6 beds!! Haha!!

Here are some photos of my lavender coloured doggie cushion and my Mummy's comfortable bed...actually hor I prefer to sleep on Mummy's bed de! *GRIN*


  1. You look perfect on your pawrent's bed. Thats where you belong.