Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am a 混血儿

Hmmm...Uncle Alex always like to say I am not a pure breed lor, he say I am a 杂种 (mixed breed) but Mummy prefers to say I am a 混血儿, sounds so much more high class mah right? People have been guessing who exactly are my parents and usually Silky Terrier will be one of them, I was told I have Silky Terrier blood due to my handsome looks and character lor...the other parent..well..might be a Maltese mah? Mummy also very curious to know if I have other siblings that look like me lor...

Anyway as long as my Mummy and Nai Nai loves me dearly...who cares abt me being a 混血儿! I heard so much praises re my looks and fur colours!! I have such unique colours ok! hehe


  1. I think you look handsome too. Who cares about what breed you are? If your mummy had minded, she wouldn't have brought you home in the first place, right?


  2. Does it matters ? hehe... as long as all of you in the family is happy can liao... pure or not pure , good looking or not , who cares !

    Sometimes human says things that hurt others without knowing it themselves...

    Twister & Furby