Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I need Darlie!

Lately Mummy, Nai Nai and Uncle Alex been complaining that my breathe STINKS!!! How huh? Every morning I got brush teeth mah...heard Mummy saying she might want to bring me to the vet for a dental clean up!!! Tian Ah!!! I dun want to go!!!...See how I turn my face away when Mummy talking to me...well u say my breathe stinky dun face u lor...


  1. How bad is the condition of your teethies? Are any of them shaking already? If so, you better go for scaling at the vet. If not, ask mummy to try using "Petzlife" Oral Care Gel. For initial period, she will need to brush your teethie with the gel on your teeth twice a day. You will see improvements. Once your teethie is clean enough, the frequency of brushing can be reduced.

    Hope that you can be spared from having to go to the vet but scaling at the vet is still the fastest way. or perhaps you can use the gel to maintain the condition of your teeth after scaling like what I am doing now.


  2. Snowball Jie Jie - my teeth not shaking...just that they say it dun smell so rosy lor...ok will ask Mummy to go buy this Petzlife Oral care Gel for me to try..thanx! :)