Thursday, May 10, 2012


Read the title? Wondering WTH does 孔融让梨 means? Well you are not alone!!! Mummy always scold me (yes!! Mummy does scold ok?!) for not having 孔融让梨的精神... But what exactly does that mean huh?! Ok I shall google!! And this is what I found online:

 Hmmm ok I admit I always bully Cookie Gor Gor

1) Gor Gor sleeping and I go push him down from bed so I can sleep on it
2) Gor Gor drinking water and I push him away so I can drink
3) Gor Gor eating and I push him away so I can eat his dinner too
4) Gor Gor playing with his toy and I snatch from him and on and on....

Mummy will scold when she sees me doing that and start NAGGING lor... I simply bo chup!! I am the youngest so Gor Gor should give in to me de right??!! Besides 奶奶 loves me and let me have my ways so TOO BAD!!

Well..I do have to admit Gor Gor does give in alot to me maybe...ok..I let him share my pillow today bah...

Mummy say I look very bua song...what do you think?!  Chey...ask so much hor!

(Scrabby Mummy - I am having headache that Scrabby behaves like that and I hope The Dog Whisperer can HELP!)

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