Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Why only Happy Mothers' Day and no Happy 奶奶s' Day huh??!  Ok I will create a new title then coz I have to celebrate for both 奶奶 and Mummy.  Hmmm...Happy *奶*妈* day then! HAHA!  We got 奶奶 something sweet!  Its Strawberry Mochi and Choc Cupcake!  (Scrabby Mummy:  Excuse me??!  I bought the strawberry mochi & cupcake hor not you guys?!)  奶奶 is so happy!  See her grin? :)

I love my 奶奶 deep deep, she is the sweetest and she sayang me so much!  But while going through the photo albums, I noticed she had lost alot of weight these 2 years huh and she seem to age alot too...Gor Gor said whatever she lost had gone into his belly!  LOL..that is true, Gor is getting really FAT!  I just wish 奶奶 healthy and happy always!  I promised I wont be NOTTI again le (Scrabby Mummy - say only lah, you the most NOTTI!)

I also love Mummy lah ....BUT I love 奶奶 MORE! Hehe...Mummy please dun be angry with me ok?  I am just being HONEST and you always teach us to be truthful and honest??
Scrabby Mummy - I have to admit the bond between Scrabby and 奶奶 is amazing!  He practically stick to her, he will never follow me around the house and stay close but for her..he will do EVERYTHING!)

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