Monday, July 16, 2012

My Cookie Gor Gor

Ok I admit I am the more *talented* one as compared to Cookie Gor Gor lah.  I am more active and playful and most importanly I BLOG! haha!  But today I shall update all of you abit on my Gor Gor!

Judging by Gor's teeth, the Vet thinks that he is almost 13 years old le, hmm that sounds quite OLD hor?  But Gor is still very charming in his own ways lah.  Mummy always says he is a stubborn old boy! haha.  Gor likes to do things his ways and can be really stubborn at time.

I like to play fetch, run about, chase after birds and cats BUT Gor likes to lie around, enjoying the sun, sleep and play with cats.  One of his best friend is a cat call Joe Joe!  So we are really very very different in terms of personality!

See this is his favorite activity, lazing on his pillow! :)

Gor likes to tanning in the sun...well no matter how hard he tries to get a tan, he will never be able to do so lah..he so *fair* LOL!

Gor is lately into acting as well...he must be trying to get a nomination for his acting skills at "Star Awards".  See he feign dead in this video..HAHAHAHA!  Mummy was trying her best to get him up!

Gor went through kidney stones removal surgery earlier this year, since then he did lose abit of weight.  I hope he will be healthy and be with Scrabby forever and forever! 

Love him so much! :)

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