Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Playing Nurse

Scrabby been very busy lately coz Mummy is sick and I have to be nurse.  Now I finally understand how tough it is to look after a patient lor and she is not a easy patient hor.  Mummy is very grumpy when she is sick but I cant blame her, she's been vomiting non stop since last week.  I thought Mummy moved her bed into toilet coz she is always sitting on the floor in toilet while she vomit...poor Mummy.  Then when it comes to makan time, Mummy refuse to eat ...and when its medication time, she is worst!...sigh...

But Scrabby finally understand how Mummy suffered when she looked after me...when I was in *horse pit-de" previously..I also refuse to eat, sleep and take medication.  Mummy had to find ways to coax me to eat and take medication.  Now she is very clever, she will stuff the pills into my throat and then shut my mouth up and.........BLOW at my eyes!!!  Why?? You must be asking??!  Coz when she blow at my eyes, I blink and then I swallow!  So that is how I swallow my medication!

Scrabby feeling so tired now...can see my shag face ma?  Ok I will be back with more updates but now I must focus on my Mummy le...:)

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