Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Xmas Everyone!!

Scrabby Mummy: 2012 saw some changes in our life.  Firstly I quit my full time job in June so that I can look after 奶奶.  I become a caregiver to her and the 2 boys.  While my time is spent on looking after them, I took up cycling again and also 2 part time jobs where I can work from the comfort of my home and provides me with more flexibility.  So far things work out fine.  The change is quite drastic and I have to admit it does add some pressure to me, both mentally and physically.  Being a caregiver is no joke especially to one who is getting more frail and weak.  Besides 奶奶, I also have one more senior citizen at home - Cookie.  He is having more and more health issues too and its been very challenging.  My Xmas and New Year wish is for both of them to be healthy and happy, only then I will be more relax..

I am lucky and blessed to have a doting brother (even though he is based in China), a understanding Boss and good friends who standby me whenever I am down and drained out.  Scrabby also brings me loads of laughter and happiness.  Managed to get a short break just before Xmas with the help of my aunty, cousin, neighbours and hairdresser (stay nearby).  They will help to check on 奶奶 and the 2 boys while I am away for 3 days 2 night, thank you so much!!!

I went for a staycation at Sentosa with my 2 BFF, it was such a wonderful trip and we had loads of fun and laughter and MAKAN!!  Stayed at Movenpick Heritage Hotel and had a pleasant surprise that they upgraded us to a Suite!  The room is so cozy and big!

Also went to the new Sea Aquarium in Sentosa.  I really love it here, its so beautiful and breathtaking!  Take a look at the short video that I created using pics I took with iphone 4S.

Lastly the 2 boys wants to wish everyone Merry Xmas too!  Choose your favourite card :)

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