Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Update on Cookie Gor Gor

Well just a short update on my Cookie Gor Gor, his right eye no longer can see clearly due to recent infection and it seems like he has Arthritis as well.  He's been limping and avoiding to walk up/down staircase.  Nowadays he gets to sit in a makeshift stroller whenever we need to go for our weekly shower at the groomer.  Mummy said its coz Gor is quite old le, he should be 14 yrs old (doggie age) and that means he is 98 yrs old as a human...almost 100 yrs old le..

This video shows Gor Gor avoiding the stairs, he prefers to walk down the slope.

This video shows him resisting to walk towards the stairs again.

I think it must be really painful for him...he been refusing to go for our pee/poo walking sessions too.  Mummy had to carry him down and after his pee/poo, he had to be carried up again.  Will have to bring Gor to vet and get some medication soon.

I miss having Gor chasing me around the house, looking for a good fight.  Miss having him healthy and fit...and I hope I can see Gor dance again soon!  See this video, I hope he can also do the "Doggie Style" like the famous Psy with his "Gangnam Style" soon!  加油!  Fighting!!!

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