Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Responsibilities

Cookie Gor Gor start to have joint pain lately and refuse to go for his walks..we think its becos it hurts but we think he should still try to exercise abit.  Cookie Gor Gor tends to bully Mummy and 奶奶, he will insist NOT to walk by being super stubborn.  I decided to walk Gor Gor myself!

Though Gor Gor is much heavier then me (He is 8kg and I am 5.4kg), I tried my best to encourage and pull Gor Gor along during our walks.  This video shows my first attempt in walking Gor Gor, so far so good :)

This video shows me walking Gor Gor to our groomer for our weekly shower.  I tend to get really tired after walking Gor Gor coz he will tend to use his strength to resist me thus I have to really pull him de.  Mummy thinks I am so good boy lor :)...strangers who saw also praise me!  My head starts to swell BIG TIME man!  hehe!

I also try to help Mummy with looking after 奶奶 past 2 days.  奶奶 have complication to a tooth and needed a minor surgery, can tell she is in alot of pain lor.  So after she is back from the surgery, I will watch over her and makes sure she is not out of my sight while Mummy is busy with work and house chores.

Scrabby Mummy:  Scrabby been really sweet towards his beloved 奶奶, while she is sleeping, he makes sure he parks himself very near to her and watch over her.  My little boy has grown up, so proud of him :)

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