Monday, February 25, 2013

Gaius Jr come visit!

Remember Gaius Jr???  I blogged about him in Oct 2012?  Here is the link:

I got promoted

Anyway Gaius Jr came to visit us on Saturday!!  Hmmm he looks kinda different now..he looks more COOL!  Just like his Daddy huh!  He is in RED coz its still Chinese New Year!  So must wear ang gong gong!!  This little fellow is very smart!  He is only a few months old and yet he already knew what is inside the red packet!  Not bad huh!  $$ is good!! HAHA!  See how much he had grown from the pic below?  Left pic is when he is 1 day old and Right pic is taken on Saturday.

I was fascinated by him and kept wanting to kiss and play with him!  He just stares hard at me and then he SMILE...awwww...his smile is so so sweet ..really melt our hearts!!  Mummy say he is very brave too coz he is not afraid of me and Gor, especially when there are strangers along the corridor, me and Gor will cheong to BARK loudly at them.  We being his 大表哥 and 小表哥 have to protect him!  Gaius Jr did not even flinch!!!  He just GIGGLE and SMILE...oooh....what a brave little fellow!

奶奶 is so happy to see him!  We really sad to see him leave lor!  

Uncle Gaius and Aunty Elain - next time when you want some private time to go dating, you can place Gaius Jr with us!  We will definitely take good care of him de! :)

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