Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Little Ms Big Foot

For those who read my blog, you will know Big Foot is my latest squeeze (gf).  She lives just next door and is really sweet (though super stubborn)...she is abt 5 yrs old and weighs almost 8kg...yeah yeah I know I only weigh 4.8kg ...BUT is there a rule that a guy cant love a gal who is heavier??! Chey! I love her for who she is despite her weight OK?!

Big Foot comes over at least once a day to look for me and Gor for playtime!  We love to play catching!  We will run after each other in the house and along the corridor and have loads of fun!!  Mummy will also brush her fur and makes sure she is really pretty looking!  BUT...Big Foot can be quite a tomboy....I had secretly taken some shots of her while she is sleeping....Tell me..which woman sleeps like that huh??!!!

Get my point??!! Sigh...wish she can be more ladylike at times!  But I still LOVE her deep deep

So tell me, are we the perfect couple??

I am abt 8.5yrs old and she is abt 5 yrs old...age difference is good right??!  Mummy thinks she likes Gor more....but I dun think she will fall for a grandpa lor...HAHAHAHA!

Last pic I secretly took of her....see she has such a beautiful backview....*HEART*

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