Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Marriage" life

Am sorry about the long absence but Mummy and 奶奶 went to visit Uncle Alex in Shanghai.  I went to stay with my gf, Big Foot!  I am certainly not complaining that they *dumped* me at Big Foot's place and went away for fun lor!  I do miss my Mummy and 奶奶 lah but imagine a short "marriage" life with Big Foot!!  YEAH!!  

"Marriage" life is certainly fun...I mean the beginning lah!  I got to eat, sleep, have fun with Big Foot.  It was really blissful coz I get to be really close to her, her family also treated me very well..loads of love and attention was given to me.  They make sure I do not feel too sad coz I am away from my family.  They really sayang me deep deep!  But I have to admit...I feel I miss my freedom and privacy after awhile...Big Foot follows me everywhere!!  She is naggy too...hmmmm....I start to miss home...I miss having my own space...I miss Mummy and 奶奶...

I think I not suitable for "marriage"...i guess boyfriend and girlfriend status is still the imagine how happy I am when Mummy and 奶奶 come home!!  I was jumping up and up and hop around in joy!  I think I even squeak and scream in joy too! HAHAHAHA!  

After i went home (actually its just next door), Big Foot miss me BIG TIME and she's been coming over very regularly and asking me to follow her home! hehe!  I have to be really patient and explain to her...lucky she is very understanding :)

Mummy bought Big Foot presents hair clip and also raincoat!  She look really cute and pretty!

Lastly dun you think we look like a perfect couple? :)  I know I am very lucky to have such a chio and cute gf

PS:  Scrabby Mummy - after Cookie passed away, bro and I decided to bring mom over to Shanghai, just for a short change of environment.  Mom will be going to Shanghai again once the weather turn warmer for a longer stay.  Bro do not want anymore regrets coz he did not get to spend enough time with Cookie and he does not want the same with Mom as well...

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