Friday, June 20, 2014

Ms Foot came to stay :)

I am so happy lor coz my gal, Big Foot, she came and stay with us for almost 2.5 weeks!!  Her family was going away and thus as her Mother in-law, my Mummy look after her :)

On the morning when she is supposed to come, her family packed her luggage (her bed, her big packet of dry food, canned food, toys etc) and send her over.  She seemed to know and started crying...oh pls dun cry...I will feel heart pain...see she waiting at the front door for her family....I decided to accompany her

After waiting for 1 day, she seemed to feel slightly better and started playing with her toys and finally decided to settle down for a nap...boy oh boy!!  she is SO RELAXED lor!!  See the way she sleeps???!! As her bf, I really BUA TAHAN ...Mummy and 奶奶 kept laffing!

We had a lot of fun together, she is really CUTE!  In many ways, her pattern do resemble Cookie Gor Gor!  She snores like Gor Gor, she bo chup like Gor Gor, she sleeps the whole day like Gor Gor, she eats a lot and fast like Gor Gor...and she walks damn slow like Gor Gor too!!!

Weather been super humid and hot lately...Ms Foot is afraid of the heat...thus during our daily afternoon walks, she will look out for air conditioned places like ...Childcare Centre, shops and even Police Post!  A few times she managed to slip inside!  The super nice police uncles actually allowed us to take a short break inside!  One even asked if we need to make a police report lor!  HEHE!  So funny hor!  There is this new Cake shop that we walked past daily, the smell is heavenly and also their air cond is super strong...Ms Foot will just parked at their door and refused to move!  The owner and her staff will open their front door so we can get the air cond!  So nice of them right?!  But Mummy say its quite rude and embarrassing lor...see this video ...Ms Foot refuse to move even after Mummy told her she is going off without her le..haha!

Everyone inside the shop is laffing and also taking video of her...can u imagine?  They will wait for us daily at 4.30pm..the time when we will walk past the shop....I just wish...that I can get to eat their yummy cakes lor...but Mummy say NO! sigh....

I never know she likes to play so much lor...till she stays with us....

But well...her family is back and she went home le....But she still comes over daily play....

I hope her family go away more often!  Then she can come and stay as long as she wants! :)

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