Monday, March 12, 2007

Nicknames (Part 1)

People have been wondering why I name my blog as Sum Seng Gao..well reason is becos I have quite a number of nicknames...I will list them out accordingly below:
Sum Seng Gao - This nick was given by Grandpa Patrick. He seems to be a very IMPT person at the RC below my home. Everytime he sees me, he will shout "Sum Seng Boy! Sum Seng Boy! come!! come!!" OMG, so malu!!! Thus I try to act blur..dun want to acknowledge him at all!! And I dun even know why the hell he gave me this nick!!!! May be becos I hv a KL face bah?

Da Ji Tui - Granny (Nai Nai) say my hind legs look like chicken drumlet...keke...I think so too leh!

Katek boy - legs also very short and stout lor..u see!!

Xiao Tao Qi - this nick given by the China tenants staying next door. They told Nai Nai I am very very cheeky and notti lor...CHEY!!!

Mummy thinks the list of nicknames will GROW longer whor...coz she totally agrees with what people told her abt me lor....esp. the part I am cheeky lor....*GRIN*..who cares??!

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