Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Roses are red, Violets are blue....

Past few days I got so excited with my new blog that I forgot to share something nice with all of you...here goes...*SMILE*
8th March 2007 - Last Thurs, mummy came home beaming with joy - huge grin and smile on her face and most important of all, she brought this back home!!!

Isnt it pretty?? Me and Cookie Gor Gor were excited and buzzed around the nice smelling roses...
no wonder mummy so happy - its their wedding anniversary and daddy sent the nice roses to mummy!! I was very very kaypoh and overheard mummy telling Granny, daddy bought her a pretty pendant too...OMG!! Din know that silly daddy can be so god damn ROMANTIC siah!!! Me so so impressed!! Good tactic - must learn hor esp. all the guys out there...LOL

Me and Cookie Gor Gor took photos with the sweet smelling roses...we were smiling and beaming too!!! *GRIN*

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