Thursday, March 15, 2007


I recalled the first day my mummy brot me to meet Cookie Gor Gor almost 2yrs ago - well..we did not exactly start on a happy note though. I was growling and barking at him....and we fought too. However, mummy insisted that every morning I have to come over to Granny's house before she leaves for work, so I wont be alone at home. Hmmm...malu hor but I am AFRAID to be alone at home bo bian lor...I have to learn to tolerate Cookie Gor Gor.

Initially, I fought with him over many things i.e:
  • Food
  • Water
  • Toys
  • Attention
  • Love
Granny, mummy and Cookie Gor Gor were very patient with me and taught me a very important thing - SHARE. With their patience and love, I gradually and slowly adapt into this new environment. Now I love Cookie Gor Gor very much, we do alot of things together. Of coz we still fight but we make up almost immediately also...Cookie Gor Gor is usually very very patient with me BUT sometimes I think I went overboard and pissed him off he will fight back BIG TIME is some photos and video of us together...

Aint we handsome huh?? yeah yeah..I know I have a chou face when I take photo lah..Cookie Gor Gor looking real charming hor?

Here we sitting on our new bed!!

Look!! we having our dinner together..yummy yummy!!

Finally a video on us fighting and Cookie Gor Gor fight back BIG TIME!! keke...

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