Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Oops he DID it again

While Nai Nai busy preparing our dinner, this Gor hor - sigh..he busy hiding one corner chewing on his paw again!!! This time he not so lucky liao...Mummy caught him!!! Mummy so pissed, she told Gor..You CHEW??! NO DINNER!!!! As Gor afraid of height de (yeah yeah ...he wont dare to move even if he is sitting on a short stool!)...Mummy put him on the sofa....

Gor looking afraid (of Mummy who is glaring at him!) and yet hungry
Gor on alert mode - he can hear me eating happily at the kitchen area...

Finally after 20 mins, Nai Nai came to Gor's rescue...Nai Nai say dinner getting cold le lah..dun torment Gor liao.....See Gor busy chomping down his dinner at super speed!

1 comment:

  1. hi Scrabby,
    welcome to DWB! u would have lotsa fun here!
    y was your Gor chewing his paw? was he veri hungwee?