Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hooray for Nai Nai!!!!

As usual after Mummy reached home, she and Nai Nai will bring me and Gor for our evening walk around the neighbourhood de ...but something unpleasant happened today...

The weather was quite gloomy, we came to the childcare centre at the basement of our flat, there were alot of little kids and their parents outside the centre, waiting to go home - Mummy & Nai Nai decided to wait for all of them to walk off first as they say some of them might be afraid of me and Gor (Why huh?? we so cute!!! why afraid of us??!). While waiting, one of the little kid came up to Gor and tried to kick Gor!! A old woman which Mummy assumed to be his Granny came up to hold him back, instead of telling him that he cannot kick Gor - guess wat she said??! DO NOT GO NEAR!!! THEY ARE DIRTY AND THEY BITE!!!.... wow you should hv seen my Mummy's face as this old Granny said not only once but 3 times!!!! Can tell my Mummy is very TL le, her face so and Gor quickly hide liao....but hor...before Mummy can say anything....we heard Nai Nai shouting....WEI! WHEN DID YOU SEE MY DOGS BITE??!! MY DOGS ARE MY PRECIOUS PETS OK??!! THEY ARE NOT DIRTY, THEY ARE CLEANER THEN YOUR GRANDSON HOR!!!

Wow...Mummy's face was like stunned & she kept staring at Nai Nai lor....that Granny still shout back saying I am just lying to my grandson so he dun go near to the dogs! Nai Nai told her off again!! You MUST TEACH PROPER THINGS to a kid!! How could you teach them the wrong thing??!! You know in America, I can SUE you!! HAHAHAHHA, that Granny quickly left with her grandson....GRIN

Mummy turned to Nai Nai...BRAVO!!! me and Gor so touched...our Nai Nai really loves us deep deep hor...she defended us ....Hooray!!!


  1. Hi Scrabby, nice to meet you. I came across your blog from the DWB's site.
    I can't believe that woman!! I'm glad your Mom told her off!! Some people are so ignorant and they deserve to....well, you know.

    Something similar happen to me a while ago. A man tried to kick me. He wasn't close enough so he didn't manage to kick me. But Mommy got so angry! She yelled at him. She said if he touched me, she would *$&%(*$&%* his **$&%$(*!!

    Anyways, I hope you are enjoying your weekend! And it's really nice to meet you!~


  2. hi Scrabby,
    kudos to your Nai Nai! she reali luv both of u deep deep. dat old woman reali deserved to be scolded.

  3. Thanx for the comments! That Granny heng its my Nai Nai who told her off! If its my Mummy..she sure kenna BIG TIME de!! *GRIN*