Tuesday, July 3, 2007


This morning...Mummy and Nai Nai heard a sudden loud thump sound...they ran out from the bedroom and saw me ...jumped onto the dining chair trying to steal food from dining table!! Mummy and Nai Nai screamed at me..say I very notti!! But But this is first time mah...I can smell something nice nice up on the table wat!

Look me jump onto dining chair!!

Trying to hide my head from Mummy's view...

Hehe...me grinning at Mummy and Nai Nai

Hmmm..something sure smell yummy!!

I got a spanking from Mummy at the end...coz she said I too notti...getting out of control le..Hmmm..have meh??!

1 comment:

  1. ohhh Scrabby! what a pity dat u got busted! if not, u wld hv the whole table of yummy food to yourself!
    do it when nobody is at home the next time!