Friday, July 6, 2007

Mummy moody = Scrabby moody also....

Since April, Mummy been feeling very moody as the boss she been serving for almost 9yrs will be leaving Singapore. He and his family had decided to go back to their home country (Auckland) after spending 11yrs in Singapore. They would want both their sons to spend time in own homeland, he will be working from home (Auckland) till end of the year. Mummy is very sad as she enjoys working for him (hmmm..true also lah..if not can tahan for 9yrs meh?). Heard Mummy telling Nai Nai how nice and supportive he's been. Mummy also say she learnt a great deal of things from him....the list kept going on and on...think mummy been repeating almost the same thing daily to Nai Nai and us...but of course we diam diam and just listen lor..

2 nights ago, Mummy did not come home till almost 12 midnight and when she was back - we can tell she been crying (her eyes SWOLLEN!). The company had a farewell dinner for the boss and wife. Mummy must be be feeling damn sad..sigh...I think she bu ser de...9yrs is quite a long time hor?

But of coz Mummy also knows this is a very difficult and tough decision for him and his family to make and she is also happy for him as family comes first. Mummy can see how burnt out he is (he takes the airplanes so often that Mummy say its more then her cab trips, since she is very stingy to take cab de...)

The Management been talking to Mummy abt her plans which she is still thinking (HARD)...if she stays on ...wat will her new role be? If she leaves?...wat she intend to do etc?? Mummy told Nai Nai, no matter wat and when, just one call from him, she will be there!!! But hor ..Mummy dun dare to go airport to send them off...she afraid she will not be able to control and SOB (wah..later big malu hor?!)

See mummy feeling so down...I also feel down...sigh....

Oh Mummy's boss quite cute looking de...Nai Nai thinks he look abit like Richard Gere (who the hell is he huh?) but Mummy thinks he look more then Robert De Niro (again who the hell is he?!)

Mummy got permission from boss to post photo!! Take a look at this article of him when he was interviewed by The New Paper....*GRIN*

This is my message to them - Dear Mr and Mrs Pirie ..oh and the 2 boys also...pls remember that all of you will be dearly missed by my Mummy hor....Do take care ok? So sorry I did not have the pleasure to meet with you personally....would like to thank you for looking after my Mummy for almost 9yrs! Thank you!

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  1. hi Scrabby,
    maybe u like to snuggle up to your Mummy more often, n give her big kissies, so she will feel better.