Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Pal & New Rubber Duckie!

I have a new *pal* at home...dun u think he looks like me (of coz I dun look as messy as him lah!) So wat do u think?? Any similarities between us huh?? *GRIN*

Daddy bought a new toy for me too!! Its a cool looking rubber duck!!! with sunshades somemore!!! Mummy say this is a racing duck...wonder wat is that??

U see my ducky swimming in a *white sea* come this *sea* like curly curly de huh?? (Actually its lying ontop of Gor's fat fat body!)...LOL!


  1. keke... i knew it was your Gor Gor's body!
    u r definitely more handsome than your new pal!

  2. Is Gor Gor your grandma?? how come she have such nice fur like you???
    Some sweeeett toys you got there.

  3. Gor Gor is my brother...Gor is a local dialect for brother..:)