Saturday, July 21, 2007


Mummy gave us greenies this morning!! Oooh they taste so yummy....taste and smell like strawberry!!! Hmmm...colour is red de....abit different from what we usually eat hor? Wat the heck lah! Its still yummy!!!

Well as usual - Mummy MUST take photos lor (aiyoh! of coz mah we so cute de!) but hor how come the photos look so OLD huh?? hmmm... how come photos no colour de??


  1. ooohhh... strawberry-flavoured greenies? sounds like a girlie snack! hehe... i wanna get my paws on some too!

    meanwhile, i'll go dig for a pwetty pic n sign your guest book, ok?

  2. Aiyah dun like that leh...its very yummy de, ask your mummy to buy for you to try??

    Oooh pls sign on our few people sign so far..SIGH