Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Being Attacked!

I am so bloody MAD!!!! Last evening while Mummy walking us, I was being attacked by 2 Malteses that stayed in opposite flat!!! They actually bite me on my tail!!! OUCH!! so painful!!! A chunk of fur gone from my beautiful tail!!! *WAIL*

Talk abt these 2 Maltese - they really the RASCALS of the neighbourhood!! They ever bite Cookie Gor Gor before on his neck and they are the main culprints for Gor's behaviour towards other dogs as Gor was so traumatised by that attack! Almost every other dog owner in this neighbourhood knows them!! All are wary of them and disapprove of their owner's behaviour.

Me?? I am not afraid of them!! I tried to fight back last evening when they suddenly came from behind and bite me!! But Mummy was screaming and pulling us away and their owner (a uncle in his 60s) he actually screamed at us, saying we should hv avoided them. WTF!!! Mummy quarrelled with him - I can hear Mummy screaming, you know your dogs are aggressive so why instead of retracting them on their retractable leash, you let them go at the maximum length??!!! And why should we avoid you?? Do you owe the car park and void deck??!! Besides you came from behind, how the hell can we see you?? Unless eyes are attached at the back of our skull!!!

Whoa...you shld see how my Mummy scream and shout...hehe

Mummy walked away fuming mad...heard her telling Nai Nai...she will not let this incident go so easily de....hmmm..wonder wat Mummy going to do....

Ok...later I will be going to the vet...how i hate it!!! and all becos of that 2 rascals!!!!


  1. Poor Scrabby. I hope your fur fur on your tail will grow back soon. Don't worry, you are still a pretty boy thou. =)

    The old uncle behaviour resulted in his dogs being violent. Poor doggies, bad old man. Haha.


  2. oh no... poor u! n poor Cookie!
    what an unreasonable hooman! bad bad bad!!!

  3. I'm sorry your tail got bitten and I hope you're ok other than missing a bit of fur.

    Some people really need to control their dogs better :(


  4. Thanx everyone!! I am recovering...I have a amazing fighting *POWER*!!!