Friday, July 27, 2007


Hmmm...I feeling very *unbalanced* now - for the past few evenings, Cookie Gor Gor dun have to wear collar and leash during his walk..BUT how come I must???!!! WHY?? WHY?? WHY?? Dun you think its so bloody unfair to me??!! *SOB*

Mummy and Nai Nai say becos Cookie Gor Gor is very guai (good) boy thus he is allowed to roam freely but becos I tend to chase after cats and birds thus I have to continue being leashed up...actually I think its becos Gor too pui (fat), he cant walk/run fast so they think he is being guai..chey!!!

Excuse me? Me should be the one being pampered now tail still hurt!! *WAIL*

Mummy - oooh you are just being whiney!! Dun be a sissy! Your tail is almost perfectly fine now. Who ask you to chase after cats and birds??!


  1. I get leashed up too for tthe same reason. I say that's preventing us from having fun. Hmph!


  2. Is it really hot there? Otherwise Cookie looks really, really laid back!! Mum won't take me for walks on the street without my lead either - the park and beach are ok though - are you allowed off lead at the park or are you a bit of a runner?


  3. i'm oways leashed during walkies... i guess we terriers r borned hunter, huh?

  4. I guess you are right!!! Though I am only half blood Terrier but hunting instinct is still there!!
    Cookie Gor is always laid back - Mummy say due to his age? But weather here is hot/humid and damp too. I am only allowed off leash at dog run parks in Singapore..