Monday, July 30, 2007

Introducing Ah Pui, the resident cat!

Ok...I admit..I dislike cats! I will growl/snarl and chase them de...dun ask me why but I simply dun like cats!! But hor..after Cookie Gor's traumatic encounter with that 2 Maltese that bite him, he became very defensive towards other dogs (except me lah!) but very friendly to cats!!! Strange right?? One of Gor's good friend in the neighbourhood is the resident cat staying at void deck of Nai Nai's apartment. His name is Ah Pui or Fatty or Fat Fat, the neighbours staying here all call him that...

According to the nice granny that feed stray cats...she saw a kitten floating in a canal and meowing away abt 10yrs ago...she quickly crawl down the canal and saved the kitten. This kitten from 10yrs ago is Ah Pui lor...whenever he sees Gor, he will meow LOUDLY for Gor..then Gor will quickly walk over...they will *kiss* (YUCKS!!!!!!!) yucky!! dunno why everytime they does that, mummy and Nai Nai will smile and say oooh so sweet?!! Sweet??!! OMG!!

Anyway, he is Gor's friend...not my friend!! everytime he sees me..he will use those sinister eyes and stare at me de....Well..I am not afraid!

He is call Ah Pui coz his figure is really out of shape.he is fatter then Gor hor..LOL

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  1. your GorGor's fren muz be v well-fed! they kiss???