Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Gor - time for you to go on a diet le!

*GRIN* - sorry cant help but to grin and giggle everytime I remember wat the little girl said last evening - she came up to us while me and Gor walking..she pointed to Gor and say to her daddy..Papa this white dog FAT FAT! HAHA! you shld see my mummy and Nai Nai's face - they were like stunned then burst out laffing really hard!
Well, so many people (e.g. neighbours, friends) whom we know been telling Mummy that Gor is getting really fat le but they decide to *ignore* but now Uncle Alex is back, he also say within 2 months, Gor's waistline expanded again (actually hor, its no more waistline liao) so they decided its time for Gor to go on a diet!

From today onwards, Nai Nai say she will hv to cut down on Gor's intake of food le...

Gor looking damn moody now lor...think he also feeling very sian bah

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  1. Awww poor Cookie, he don't look fat to me. Yeah I'm sure he is just fluffy. Hehe.