Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Nai Nai!!

10th Aug is my Nai Nai's 61st birthday!! Mummy and Uncle Alex brought Nai Nai out for dinner to celebrate her birthday. Think they went to this restaurant call Din Tai Feng at Bishan Junction 8 & had a wonderful makan session lor (still dare to say - leave me and Gor alone at home! *SULK*)

After they reached home, we sang Happy Birthday song for Nai Nai and she make a birthday wish (hmmm..wonder wat did she wish for?) You can see I was uncooperative lor coz I am abit unhappy that I could not go along for the dinner ...
Anyway the birthday cake was really yummy!! Me and Gor had a huge slice each...hmmm..lip smacking..yum yum!


  1. Hello Scrabby Doo - nice meeting you...And Happy birthday to Nai Nai :)

    Does Gor live with ya? he is cute

    woofs and puppy arfs,

    Snowy and Crystal

  2. Hei Scrabby Doo!

    That looks like a very nice cake. Must have tasted good too!

    Must wish Nai Nai...Happy Birthday! Hope she'll have a healthy and happy life :)

    Wet licks

  3. Hi Snowy & Crystal

    Nice meeting both of you too! So cool to have new friends from Dubai! Pls sign our guestbook? Gor live with Nai Nai and I live with Mummy across the road...:)

    Dear Chilli

    Cake was really yummy!!! Thanx for your wishes, Nai Nai will be very happy! :-)

  4. Happy belated birthday to Nai Nai! Wishing her good health and happiness!