Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mummy!

Past few days too busy to blog ...cause celebrating Mummy's birthday lor. Her birthday falls on Saturday, 22 Sept. Hmmm..dun ask me abt her age hor..coz I only know her reply will be "Ooh..almost no more *discount* for 40 yrs old liao" - so can you guess how old is she huh? HEHE

Mummy received a few surprises this yr...her first surprise started on Fri, 21 Sept. Once she reached her office, she received this from the Hong Kong office MD. Uncle J Morgan, he and Mummy have the same birthday!! So sweet of him hor..

Then she received this huge basket of balloons from the GH team in Singapore office...HEHE..Mummy thinks she has big problem bringing them back home!

Aunty SH made this necklace for Mummy...its in shades of Mummy's favourite colour!

Daddy bought mummy roses! Nai Nai bought this lovely cake...we all ate so yummy!

Other gifts include Uncle A's top + red Mummy is really really happy lor...not to mention she been eating NON-STOP past few days..HAHAHHAA

Oh I want to say Happy Birthday to the following people who shares Mummy's birthday as well! :-):

  • Uncle J Morgan from Hong Kong
  • Uncle Richard
  • Baby Ashley who is born on 22 Sept 2007 at 10.14pm!


  1. Happy belated birthday to you mommy! Her colleagues are all so nice hoomans!


  2. Happy belated Barkday to Sum Seng's Mummy. How come hoomans get more pressies than us?

    The Mighty Scruff

  3. Thanx for your well wishes! I will tell my Mummy! Tell you guys hor, till today she is still celebrating her birthday...everyday got some hoomans buy her lunch! Think my Mummy will become FAT FAT!