Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mid-Autumn Festival

Yesterday is 中秋节, so in order for us to join in the celebration, Mummy made us some special *lanterns* so we can join the other hooman children at the playground. BUT hor Mummy's photo taking skills not beri good leh...the photos did not do justice to the *lanterns* at all.

We enjoyed our walk very much, all who saw us even the Malays (whom Mummy usually avoid - dunno why but think they cant get close to dogs??) exclaimed loudly with gasp and giggles and smiles. This group of Malays commented we look beri cool! Oh we feel so proud man!

Here are some photos and a short video (though Gor is not inside the video as Uncle A and him walked so fast ahead of us...Mummy short legs like me lor, cant catch up!)

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  1. Sum Seng

    I just love your glow in the dark collar. I want one of those too. I shall ask my Mummy.

    The Mighty Scruff