Monday, September 10, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday both me and Gor feel so lazy after our baths...dun ask us why ..simply no mood lor...

Well we are both MEN! so we cant be suffering from PMS mah....just feel like lazing around and do nothing!
Mummy see us behave like this..makes her feel sian also..she went to nap whole afternoon! Gor enjoying his snooze on a chair! Me as usual likes to park myself right at the front gate to enjoy the breeze ...and to bark at strangers!!!! *GRIN*


  1. Scrabby

    What a great way to spend a lazy Sunday.

    The Mighty Scruff

  2. I got dump at home!!!

    JJ brought her D40 out instead of me......

    She went to eat nice nice pizza...

    I also love guardin the door and waiting for people to come back like you.

    But i dun bark at stranger.. i wag my tail~

    (JJ: smack forehead)

    Lots of Love,

  3. Scruffy - yeah boy! its great to laze and nua at home! Hehe

    Sweety - HI!!! thanx for visiting my blog! ooh pizza!! sounds yummy hor

  4. Looks like a super lazy Sunday chilling out at home!


  5. i oni remembered i had a bath on sunday. dat sux!