Thursday, September 13, 2007

Visit to the Vet

Yesterday Gor has to go back to see Dr Heng coz Mummy thinks his right eye ball like *popping* out! Gor been pawing his eyes lately..not sure if its becos the growth inside his eyes hurting him....then he started to tear Mummy very worried lor...rush down to see Dr Heng at Mt Pleasant.
Luckily Gor's right eye is ok...just that becos of the pain due to cataract, he's been pawing his eyes too much and thus eyelashes went inside...makes it more uncomfy for him...Dr Heng say no inflammation set in....hehe...think my Mummy too kan cheong le lah!
See Gor waiting at the vet...

SURPRISE!! - See our dearest Uncle Alex!!! HEHE! He came back from Shanghai le..see Gor smiling!

Well me stay at home with Nai Nai...of course I feel left out coz they did not bring me along BUT becos Gor unwell..I guess its ok bah....


  1. I'm glad he's ok!!


  2. Hi Scrabby, glad that your Gor is fine. =)