Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rolling on sofa

Ok ok, wat is so fun abt lying on sofa..I know I know BUT hor..I just love to roll abt on the sofa. This is something which Nai Nai dun like, she say later sofa will become chou chou (smelly)...Ohh pls lah..me smell so manly where got chou chou hor...I love to roll from one end to the other end and then start the whole process again...I can do this many many times..wont get tired de...

Lastly - you see Nai Nai..she trying to squash me!! HELP!!!!


  1. Bowie: "hahaha..hey Scrabby bro! I also like to roll on sofa, rubbing my face on it at the same time :P My mommy will scold cos I always roll/rub only AFTER she just cleaned the sofa! Btw, seldom see you wear t-shirt sia..handsome leh! Must wear more k?"

  2. Hehe yo! Bowie bro! Actually t-shirt belongs to gor de but he now wear like abit tight so mummy let me try on..immed i jump onto sofa with t shirt on and start to ROLL!

  3. Woohoo your lounge looks like a great place to roll!!