Friday, October 5, 2007

Good bye Herbie

Mummy is really upset now, she just read abt her favourite dog (besides me and Gor lah..)..Herbie had passed away ....though Mummy had never met Herbie before but she loves to read his she is very sad...even Nai Nai is also feeling abit sad...coz Mummy always show Nai Nai the lovely photos which Herbie's mum took and placed in the blog...

Guess they must be thinking that Cookie Gor Gor and Herbie is almost the same age bah...thus they feel sad ...

Btw Gor's surgery went smoothly and he is back at home, recuperating le...will update abt him in my next entry..let gor rest somemore first...


  1. Hi Scrabby,
    thanks for posting a tribute to Herbie. i wouldnt have known about his departure if you hadn't posted. Jiejie & i r reali shocked n saddened by the news. as usu, Jiejie cried, esp when she read what Herbie's M wrote. *sigh* juz when we tot dat Herbie was getting better... but we noe dat Herbie is now running free & healthy at the Rainbow Bridge.

    we oso took some time to catch-up on your earlier posts. your Mom has some nice & sweet colleagues to celebrate her burpday with her.
    i like your DIY lantern, veri cool indeed! did u get to eat any mooncakes?
    how is Cookie? r his eyes better? wishing him a speedy recovery!

  2. woofies scrabby doo and cookie...nice to meeted u's...glad u feelies better cookies..and yes it iz a very sad weekend here, run free sweet herbie...

    b safe,

  3. Its ok...we will all miss Herbie..mummy always show me and gor the bootiful photos on his blog de..sigh..

    Re Cookie Gor Gor - he seem tired all the time...but i hope he is getting better le

    Nope we did not get to eat mooncakes..