Monday, October 8, 2007

Updates on Cookie Gor Gor

Well Cookie Gor Gor came home last Fri morning from hospital..his eyes look like panda bear..machiam being black like that...and he kind of smell?...hmm..cant exactly say how he smell like..its a mixture of pee/blood/medicine?? He have to wear the *spaceship* on his neck all the time also!
He was quite weak when he came home...I not sure how they managed to pull the *cat* from his eyes (Mummy: its cataract!!!!) but his eyes sure look abit colour de...BUT hor I feeling abit unhappy lor...hmm..everyone crowd around one wants to play with me le...they all fuss over gor...even drink water also bring the bowl to gor...when I try to get close to gor ..want to play with him...they scold me....*SULK*
Ooh yeah even when gor pee on kitchen floor..not once but 3 times!! everyone just tell gor its come they no scold gor de huh?? When I saw gor pee the first time, I ran to *report* to Mummy...I stood on my hind legs and paw Mummy...when she saw the pee, she and Nai Nai just mopped the floor clean...they no scold gor de...

Gor also seldom *talk* to me...he keep sleeping...Nai Nai say his eyes feeling tired...and cannot come into contact with direct they close the windows and main door at home...I dun like dark dark..I want bright bright...*WHINE*

Yday Mummy used a nice smelling water (Mummy: its lemon water) to rub over Gor's body...coz he cant bath for 2 weeks (SO LUCKY!!!..ENVY....) is how it looks

Hehe..after rubbing Gor's body..his *hair* looks funny...all curly curly de

Sorry I could not show you Gor's face coz the flashlight might hurt his eyes again....
Though me feeling abit neglected BUT I just hope Gor will quickly recover so we can play again!!!
(Mummy: Baby, sorry that you feel neglected but Gor needs alot of TLC now, so pls be patient and pray hard for Gor's speedy recovery...*muak*)

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  1. I wish you a speedy and smooth plenty of hugs and kisses!