Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gor Gor is recovering le...YEAH!

On Monday, Gor Gor went to see Dr Heng again. This time round, the news is GOOD!! Dr Heng told a relieved Mummy that the redness (blood in the left eye) is almost gone le and the eye pressure within the eyes is very normal too! Mummy felt so relieved and happy to hear that coz she been feeling very guilty since the last vet visit...

Though Dr Heng say Gor dun hv to wear *space-ship* (e-collar) le but to play safe, Mummy will continue to put it on for him for a few more days. I try to watch over Gor lor...will try to stay by his side (as long as there is no thunder!) so I can protect my Gor lor..


  1. Your gor gor look so poor thing. Hope that he recover soon.


  2. Hi snowball

    Gor is recovering le..but he too stubborn ..once we remove *space* collar for him, he go rub his 2 eyes against sofa till red red...sigh..

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