Monday, October 15, 2007

SULK..Mummy went gai gai without me...

On Saturday, Mummy and Uncle A went gai gai without me..I so upset..then hor when they came and Cookie Gor Gor can smell the scent of other doggie pals on their clothing!!! Huh..where did they come got so many different doggie smell de huh? Heard them talking to Nai Nai and they say they went to this cafe along Mohd Sultan Road call Pawtobello seem like they enjoyed themselves very much....Mummy say so many doggie and she have a very hard time trying to take photos of them..everyone is running around the cafe and having so much fun...SULK..

Mummy only managed to take photos of 2 dogs, here is a silky terrier call Terry...he is a handsome boy..

Next is a 4mths old ST call Jasper..this little furball is a handful..but Mummy say he is so so cute lor..

Wait...Uncle A suggested going there again this weekend and Mummy say I can tag along but not Cookie Gor Gor as he is still recovering from his surgery...YEAH YEAH!!! This time if I go along..I make sure Mummy takes loads of photos to share!


  1. I'll keep everything crossed you get to visit the cafe this weekend!


  2. River - wail..we wont be going this weekend coz they need to run some errands!!! SULK