Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I am OK le!

Hi everyone! Today I will blog instead of Scrabby. Past few weeks had been pretty tough lor...especially after the cataract surgery (HA! I got it right!! silly Scrabby keep thinking I have 2 cats inside my eyes!). I had to take medicine and apply eye drips daily and wear the *space dish* everyday for the first 2 weeks! The only best thing is I dun have to shower for 2 weeks!! HEHE

Yesterday I went back to Dr Heng for another review and she said I am OK le!! I recovered pretty well despite the hiccup (Mummy blur blur, mixed up medication instructions lor initially)...she said I dun need to go back and see her..now just have to wait for Dr Stanley's next visit so he can review my eyes again.

Yeah!! I so happy!! Coz I can see so clearly now!! Now Scrabby wont be able to steal treats right under my nose anymore le!! I wont allow him to bully me anymore le!

Yawn..ok I want to go for nap le...facing the monitor and typing away makes my eyes very tired lah...

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  1. It's great to hear you're doing well after the op - we hope you continue to get better :)