Monday, November 5, 2007

Not HAPPY lor

Feeling abit buay song could they go gai gai and leave me alone at home...then come back they smell of other dogs!! I show black face!

PS: Mummy - we went to Dog Show at Expo lor...did not bring them along as need to run some errands mah....he super upset...


  1. Hey Sum Seng

    I met your lovely parents at the Dog Show. Its a shame they didn't bring you along. There were so many doggies there. Had a great time butt sniffing everydog.

    The Mighty Scruff

  2. OH MY DOG - that is one seriously cute face!!


  3. Scruffy - u met my Mummy and Uncle A (they are brother and sister!) hehe...yeah they told us all abt u and Toto. Mummy said she recognised both of you the moment you come thru the entrance!

  4. River - I BLACK face leh...cute face meh? hehe

  5. Poor Scrabby. How could your hooman do that to you? Go on strike for a few more days to let them know how hurt you are ok? I give you moral support. hee... better siam before your mummy and daddy come...:P