Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Nai Nai!!! *GRIN*

Nai Nai is 62 yrs old le..her birthday falls on 10 day after National Day..alamak why she never *come* out one day earlier huh then can celebrate together with Singapore le mah..hehe..

Mummy and Uncle Alex brought her out to hv fish steamboat ..sigh me and Gor cant tagged along lor so we waited patiently at home for them..coz we saw Uncle Alex bringing a huge strawberry cake back home!! Yummy Yummy..*grin*

But sigh this gor hor..he notti again..he removed his e-cap once they left home and chewed his paws again....I tried to tell him NOT TO but he refused to listen to when they came home and saw his paws and legs all red and sore...Gor got punished again!! SIGH...he cant eat the nice and yummy birthday cake plus no photograph session with Nai Nai...

Nevermind Gor..I represent you ok??!!

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