Sunday, August 17, 2008

Visit to Aunty Pris's house

Sorry for not blogging lately but Mummy been sick, she lost her voice totally! Good thing is she cant scold me when I am notti lah but bad thing is I cant hear my bedtime story lor..luckily she is recovering and she brought me to Aunty Pris's house for a visit the other day. Gor cant go becos he likes to mark and Mummy is worried he will go around the house peeing...I am more guai..once I am indoors I will not pee and poo I always can get to visit people's house lor..*GRIN*

Aunty Tammie is also there and all of them, Aunty Pris, Aunty Tammie and Mummy were busying baking cheese cake and rocky I took my time *treasure hunting*..I had loads of fun, running up and down the stairs and around the whole house...when the hoomans realised I am missing..they came to look for me..guess wat??! I am having a great time rolling about on Aunty Pris's huge bed!! Haha...I just like to roll about on cushions and beds mah...Mummy scolded me lor and made me go downstairs to the kitchen..well I refused to stay put inside kitchen and went to the living room to enjoy air con!

Its been really fun and I hope I can go to Aunty Pris's house again!! She praised me for being such a good boy for not marking and not scratching at the furniture..hehe

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