Monday, May 28, 2012

I stayed at "Horse Pit De"...:(

Mummy posted that I was sick right?  Well I was pretty sick and mummy had to send me to "Horse Pit De" lor (Scrabby Mummy: Its a hospital for animals).  I felt like I was dying from tummy pain..I kept vomitting and diarrhea.  I screamed so loud coz it really HURTS!  (Scrabby Mummy: he really screamed!!  OMG!  I can't forget how he screams..).  Mummy placed me inside a carrier and we went to take taxi to "horse pit de"

The "horse pit de" that we went to is call Animal Infirmary Veterinary and Rehabilation at

Dr Gianuario Marotta and Nurse Janet were very patient and sweet with me.  They knew I am hurting very much.   Mummy is almost crying too coz she so worried for me.  Dr Marotta decided to run a few tests on me i.e. blood test, xray etc.  He told Mummy its best I stayed back so they can monitor my condition and take care of me.  Mummy had no choice but to leave me there...I was very frightened..I miss my 奶奶..I want my 奶奶!I started to cry...(Scrabby Mummy: I was totally heartbroken when I hear him cry..)

Mummy went home without me.  Meanwhile at home, Cookie gor gor is so sad that I am not around...

Cookie gor gor refused to eat and drink when I not at home.  Gor - dont worry, Scrabby will come home soon de..I promised!  (Scrabby Mummy:  I am actually quite surprised by Cookie's reaction, he was so depressed and sad, totally withdrawn and I was starting to get worried when he refused food and water for 1 day and 1 night...)

And me in *horse pit de* being poked by needles and sent to a very dark room where there is a sudden flash of light!  Happened so fast man!  (Scrabby Mummy: that is call Xray!) Test results showed my intestines are in pretty bad shape and my blood test not too I was put on drip..I hated it..the needle was being poked into my arm and its painful.  I was still vomitting and having diarrhea...:(

The next morning, Nurse Janet called mummy to update her my condition.  I had stopped vomitting and diarrhea all seems to be well at the moment.  Mummy said she will dropped by after work to visit me and hopefully can bring me home too...I crossed my paws and prayed...

YEAH!!  Scrabby back home le!!  I still have a weak stomach but Dr Marotta thinks I am well enough to go home le!  Mummy came by after work and she brought me home!  I so happy to be home!  I so happy to see 奶奶 and Cookie gor gor!  They very happy to see me too!! :).  Cookie gor gor started to eat and drink again after he saw I am safely home, but he is so sweet lor, he lets me eat and drink first!  Ok Scrabby go rest le, thank you everyone for your well wishes, I will rest well and recover fast fast! :)
Scrabby Mummy: The hospital bill cost me S$300!  奶奶 will have to pay for it coz she refused to listen and keep feeding human food to the dogs!  Of coz 奶奶 tries to argue her way out but I am not hearing it.  So when Scrabby tried to beg for food after his discharge, I overheard this:
Scrabby: standing on hind legs and beg for food
奶奶:I give you eat, I have to pay S$300 so CANNOT le!
Me: GRINNING...hurt her hardest...her POCKET and she will listen liao..HAHA

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