Friday, June 1, 2012

Scrabby - Down Boy Down!

Scrabby Mummy:  Last night while I walked the boys, we met a really cute Silky Terrier gal.  As usual different reaction from my 2 boys when they meet a gal...and it suddenly strike on if you want to know more..:) 

You guys must be thinking that Scrabby is very popular and well liked by female dogs/humans?  Well the answer is NO lor!  Whenever we meet female dogs during their walks, Scrabby will be like a 饿狼 (hungry wolf)!  He will cheong very fast and super excited, sniffing their butts which I tell you, all female dogs hate lor!  Then he will want to kiss them all over and all of them avoid him like MAD! 

When Scrabby meets pretty and young girls, i.e. school girls, young OLs etc.  His reaction is the same, he will be super friendly and passionate.  Stand on his hind legs and do his famous 恭喜stunt and act cute.  Initially they will find him so cute and amazing but when the licking and kissing goes on and on,  they find him damn irritating lor.

But whenever Scrabby meets aunties and ah mahs who likes him, he just turned and walked away.  YES!  He will do that, do not ask me how he differentiate the age difference! HAHA!

So I guess all females view Scrabby like a 色狼 (lecherous wolf)?? LOL

Cookie on the other hand is very well liked by female dogs.  Dun play play lor even though he is such a old boy but most female dogs find him so intriguing.  Cookie will NEVER go forward to greet a female dog or human.  He usually use his buttock to face strangers!  So to them, they find him so COOL! And the more he does that, the more they want to get closer to him...

I personally think Cookie is like Richard idol...*DREAMY*...HAHA

So tell me ladies, does the above sound familiar?? 

I usually tell Scrabby not to be so kan cheong and behave like a 色狼, must learn from his Cookie gor gor..who is so cool and a perfect gentleman?

Even we women will never want a MAN who behaves like Scrabby right??!  If a man tries to kiss and touch me all over when I just get to know him, I think I would have SLAP him so hard that he can fly across the room!
But I certainly wont mind meeting a man like cool and so gentleman...

So Scrabby - down if you really want some action with the ladies! LOL

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