Monday, June 11, 2012

斯克拉比 :P

Do not ask me why Mummy suddenly decided to find out what is my name in Chinese haha and this is what she found!

My name is 斯克拉比 :)  Cool right?!  But Mom was watching discovery channel and the chinese translation for Scrabby is 史快皮 but I think 斯克拉比 sounds better hor!  史快皮 sounds like ten pieces of skin, LOL!

Mummy also google for Cookie Gor Gor's chinese name and the result is:

No chinese name for Cookie Gor Gor!  Well...maybe we do translation ourselves abt 古基?  奶奶 kept laffing and say it sounds gu ji? hehe...well how about 饼干?  Its chinese for Cookie right? hehe...饼干哥哥 hahahahaha!

Ok and then how about Mummy's name in chinese then?  Oh its 贝蒂!  hehe..sound weird huh

奶奶 say my chinese name is such a mouthful to call I guess she will still call me Square B (Scrabby) HAHAHA!

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