Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Been Away...

Sorry for the long silence, Mummy been away and there is no one to carry me to the table where macbook is placed so that I can continue to blog...Sincere apologies for the absence..my short legs cant reach...

You can tell how fast I am trying to type on the macbook?  I cant type as fast as Mummy lah, but I will try my best to write as much as possible!

Am glad that Mummy is finally home, saw her packing and she has a really pretty large PINK *BOX* with her (Scrabby Mummy: thats a luggage!).  Anyway Mummy promised to buy loads of pressies for me, gor gor and 奶奶 so we all been waiting patiently for her return.

New collars and leashes for me and Gor!  Mummy say yellow suits my fur color and thus I shall have the yellow set while Gor will have both the green and blue set.  Well, Gor been putting on weight and all his old collars and leashes no longer fit his BELLY! HAHA!  I dun mind just having 1 new set HEHE!

We also have new PINK cushion beds, very pretty right?  I used my paws and touched them and they seem so comfy!

Mummy also bought a new PINK drinking bowl, a new RED and GREEN eating bowl for us! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! See I busy sniffing them out?  Cant wait to use them! so Happy!!

Of coz Mummy also bought pressies for 奶奶 and herself.  Mummy got new PINK sandals and shoes for 奶奶 and herself.  

Am sure you can see PINK all over huh?!  Mummy lately is into PINK color!  I think she PINK overdose!  She even bought a PINK cap!!! HAHA!

Ok I am very excited re my gifts, I will want to go try my new cushion bed le, cya!

Scrabby Mummy:  Excuse me?!  I thought all dogs are COLOR BLIND?!  Yes must be mid life crisis and am into PINK lately..HEHE.. What the heck?!  They are really sweet and pretty! :)

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