Monday, July 9, 2012

Something OLD and Something VINTAGE

Mummy was busy packing house the other day and while she was going through the wardrobe and cupboards, she found something OLD and something VINTAGE and all brought memories back to Mummy....Suddenly Mummy was smiling, laffing and then silent....all sorts of emotions going through her head leh...She then smiled and hugged me and Gor very tight....We cant breathe!! ....hmmmm....
See how messy is her wardrobe??!!  And this is only a portion hor! HAHA
Then Mummy found this!  Apparently she wrote this card for 奶奶 in 1986!  Oh wow that was 26 years ago!  Mummy is 16 years old when she wrote this on Mothers' Day...奶奶 actually kept this till now!  She must have treasured this card alot!  After reading the card, I wonder if Mummy kept her promise though? HAHA!
This is my Mummy when she is 1 year old!  Look at that hairstyle and dress!  Oh I think I am much taller then her back then! 
Oh and this is when Mummy is 2 years old?  She told me she missed her doll!
Mummy on her Prom Night!  She is only 19 years old back then!  Can recognise my Mummy ma?  She is the long hair babe (2nd from left).  She is so SLIM back then she PUI PUI!  Oh god!  She will kill me if she reads this!
Oh!  奶奶!!!  This is a pic of her and Uncle Alex!  Uncle Alex look so TINY!  
OMG...Uncle Alex!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Ssssshhhh....Later he angry with me...I better control not to laff so loud!
Now a truly VINTAGE pic!  Guess who is this??!!!  Oh wow..look at that hairstyle!  Must have placed a bowl on the head and cut?! HAHA!  This picture is almost 65 years old!  Its my dearest 奶奶!!  She look so adorable right?!!  I am comparing this pic with Uncle Alex's pic...dun you think they really look alike?!
Now I am going to tell you, 奶奶 is the middle gal at the back row, I can recognise her instantly coz she did not change abit!  She is still as sweet and pretty as ever!  I can see 大姨婆, 三姨婆,四姨婆 & 舅公 in the pic too.  They look so young back then!

Enjoyed looking through all the old pictures.  Mummy told us they are very very precious coz they bring back alot of wonderful memories. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did! :)

PS: Scrabby Mummy - never imagine Mum is still keeping all these old pictures, looking at them brings a huge smile on my face.  Thank you for reading :)

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