Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jeszica's Secret Closet

Mummy been working on her laptops...yeah 2 laptops - 1 is white color de, she said its an APPLE (can eat??) and 1 is black color de, she said its an PACKARD.  Anyway since she came back from her trip, she's been busy with photo taking and bending her head over 2 and Gor dun dare to disturb her lor...but we did wonder what she is doing with all her other babies (handbags) all over the house..taking pics and pose with them??  She getting more vain??! HAHA!  Ssshhhh..she will kill me if she knows I say she is a vainpot! LOL! 
Finally she shared something with us yesterday!  Jeszica's Secret Closet -
Mummy's greatest love is handbags and shoes..WAIT let me correct that again...her greatest love is 奶奶, Alex Uncle, Me and Gor Gor!  HEHE!  Next is her collection of handbags/shoes/accessories le...but sometimes she tend to change her collection coz the bags she have is no longer suitable re her style and work?  Thus Mummy been buying and selling her collection from ebay/deluxemall over the years.  She's been thinking of doing up a shared site to showcase her collection that she wanted to find new homes for them and finally its completed!  So I decided to help her and showcase in my blog lah hehe.
See I am peeping out from one of Mummy's fav. bag...hehe

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