Thursday, August 23, 2012


Haha!  You must be wondering why my title is NutCase?  Its actually the name of a Bicycle Helmet!  Mummy finally got hers!  Apparently it was only launched in Singapore last weekend and she immediately went down to the main distributor - Gee Han Chan (  After choosing and trying a few designs, she got a really CUTE helmet!

Hmmm dun you think it looks like a HUGE LadyBird huh? HAHAHA!  Bet Mummy can be spotted miles away huh!

This range of helmets can also get from Tokyobike and some other bike shops in Singapore, we saw their range and they are really cute!  They even have small ones for kids!!  So adorable!

Well its too big for my head and I refuse to let Mummy put it on me...but I compromised...took one shot with the helmet next to me!  But bet you can tell I am not feeling happy lor...I already so Handsome why need to put helmet on me wor!

Cookie Gor Gor ..he does not seem to mind...he even took a nap wearing it!

Next time if you see a Aunty on a red bike with this red helmet and all the dots on it..remember to wave and say Hi! GRIN

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