Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mummy's new love

Let me intro Mummy's new love to you...a beaming red bicycle!  She's been happily riding her new bike daily (unless raining) since she got it ..So far, she got a new seat cover (Red color of coz!) and now she is hoping to find a red helmet to match.  She is a matchy gal...everything MUST match hor. HAHA.

Mummy actually wanted to get the Pink Bike but it was totally out of her budget...

Can see me busy inspecting her new Bike?  Oh its a foldable bicycle thus the odd shape now :)

I wish I can go biking with Mummy! See my sweet smile?

Mummy been thinking of ways to bring me along while she bike...firstly she needs to find a suitable bag to house which one huh?

Then she thinks I will also need goggles to protect my eyes and also a helmet??  She hopes to find a mini red helmet for me too!

Hmmm...sounds so exciting huh! HEHE!  I hope one day I can really go biking with Mummy....and then will take pics and show everyone!

Btw - Cookie Gor Gor is too heavy for Mummy..thus no way she will bring him lor...he is 7kg while I am 5.4kg..GRIN

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