Monday, October 1, 2012

Cookie Gor Gor....:(

Its been quite sometime since my last update, Mummy been really busy with work and looking after our  姨婆婆 who went to *horse-pit-de" for spine surgery and then with Cookie Gor Gor...

5 days ago, Cookie Gor Gor suddenly started to *wink* alot with his right eye, at first I thought Gor was being cheeky with the pretty babes on the road but then Mummy realised something is not right with his right eye.  It seem to be very red and sore and Gor tear alot...but Mummy had to bring 姨婆婆 for her followup consultation and physiotherapy sessions at "horse-pit-de" first.  Finally on last friday, Mummy had some free time and immediately brought Gor to see the vet...and we have some sad news to share.  Gor have 1) Corneal Ulcer and 2) Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis), he has lost 98% of his vision in his right eye.  Vet said after the swelling and infection goes down, he wont recover his sight cause infection is acute plus he is 
already very old...

We are all very sad...Mummy said most important Gor wont feel pain and hope the infection and swelling comes down soon.

Scrabby promise not to make Gor angry and fight with Gor le...hope he feels better soon..

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